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Video of Sunny day Smile ​on You tube now!

Sonic Creations

Available on all major ​platforms!!!

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Ren Ashfield and the Magicians!

Circle Play

2024 Concert at The ​Corner live Conegliano (TV)

Released in October 2019 ‘Cover me Quick is a colection of covers ​of some of the most influential artists of the 20th century!!!.

Recording Cover me quick Nov. 2018 @ - Underground Studio (TV)

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What has Ren Ashfield done in the past?

Played in various bands in his youth, before moving to Italy.

In 2007-2008 Ren wrote and produced 2 EPs of original material with Renegades Cosmic Storm - Twist the Wick/ Twist the Wick Part 2.had some really good reviews

In 2016 he wrote and produced an album with V FiRE entitled “Out of the Garage”.which was very well received by rock critics

'Cover me Quick, a covers album, was produced in 2019 and contains songs by the most significant Rock artists of the legendary 60s/70s.

Team Strategy

A five piece rock band that Loves to have fun on stage - but dose not pull any punches!

Ren Ashfield and the Magicians

The magicians are a company of talented musicians who arise from the world of rock!

Who are Ren Ashfield and the Magicians?

Ren Ashfield Vocals:Born and raised ​in London,a Brit voice on the ​Italian scene

The Magicians are:

Alex de Rosso, Guitars - Italian Guitarist ​of great feeling and deadly fast when ​nessasary!

Cris JJ Andreazza Italian Keyboard player ​with a huge or delicate touch

Massimo Fantinelli bass man style keeps the ​groove to make you move.

Charlie Bonazza. Drums and percussion with ​Massimo they are a solid unit.

A Rock group who try to recreate the magic ​that transforms music into pure rock energy ​with magical sounds and emotions!

What do you expect Ren Ashfield and the Magicians to deliver live ?

Being musiscians with many years of experience

(Ren has had the honour of singing at festivals and clubs with Ian Paice and Don Airey of Deep Purple, Marco Mendoza of Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy and others Alex has toured America with Don Docken and collaborated with many other big Rock names.

Charlie has also toured and played for some big names in the rock world.) They will put on a show with maximum rock energy to leave you with a night to remember!




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